DN’s Top 10 Destinations

DN’s Top 10 Destinations

There are thousands upon thousands of destinations across the world that are worthy of a visit for one reason or another. Be you a sun worshiper, adventurer or a little bit of both this beautiful world of ours has something to offer you. That’s why when asked about my top 10 destinations I always find it a real stretch to narrow the list down and in the end, I have decided it is totally impossible to have just one Top 10 list.

In response to being totally incapable of choosing just 10 top destinations around the world I’ve come up with a fair few responses to the old Top 10 question and now I have a great store of these kinds of lists. My lists are ever changing and they include a multitude of destinations all loved for their own special reasons. The lists in my current store include:

  • Top 10 beaches in the UK…and Europe…and for the Worldwide traveller
  • Top 10 weekenders for the adventurer
  • Top 10 destinations for the adventurous
  • The ten best National Parks in the world
  • Ten city breaks not to be missed
  • 10 Best cosmopolitan breaks for the urban traveller
  • Top Ten beauty spots in the UK
  • Top 10 beautiful views in Europe

And the list goes on…and on…and on! So here I had to think really carefully about the top ten I wanted to deliver you and I decided that the best list would be one that captured a variety of attributes across the world. So DN’s Top 10 Destinations brings you the Ten Most Awe-Inspiring Destinations Across the World:

  1. Dead Sea, Israel: The home of the most stunning Edenesque landscapes the Dead Sea offers culture and history alongside natural beauty and luscious hot springs, bringing you a fantastic destination for relaxation, exploring and adventuring.
  2. Mendenhall Gardens Juneau, Alaska: Despite being a US State capital, Juneau is a secluded destination, that in fact cannot even be reached by car. It has many unique attributes but it makes my list as it is home of the Mendenhall Gardens, a stunning botanical garden that, in my opinion, just cannot be beaten.
  3. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway: Also known as ‘The Road in the Ocean’ a tour here would not be regretted. It serves as a fantastic lesson in the industry of the country, you can see the Iconic sight of the road and the Storseisundbrua bridge and get fresh fish and experience the beautiful views at Kjeksa near bud village.
  4. Pamukkale, Turkey: Turkey itself is a much-loved tourist destination for the UK sun worshipper and has much to offer in terms of sun, all-inclusive hotels and the like. However, it also offers some fantastic tours and this place is just one to take your breath away. Pamukkale is a thermal water spa at the site of an ancient Roman spa which is a great place for relaxing in itself, but the views of the mineral waters over the ice white rocks is something spectacular to behold.
  5. Big Sur, California: If you are considering a driving tour then this stretch of rugged central coastline is one of the best spots in the world to consider. Big Sur is a region that will take atleast a day to tour properly, consider making the most of it and researching great overnight stays so you can stop off on your drive.
  6. French Quarter, New Orleans, LA: For the lover of urban culture, the French Quarter New Orleans is bustling with restaurants, nightlife and culture that you just can’t help but immerse yourself in.
  7. Cook, New Zealand: For the experienced Mountaineers and hikers out there, Mount Cook in New Zealand offers a multitude of hiking trails and treks. From Bushwalks to Glacier views you won’t be disappointed with the choices on offer at this truly spectacular destination.
  8. Cinque Terre, Italy: The coastline of the Italian Riviera is home to the Cinque Terre, a collection of old seaside villages that boasts a car less environment in which to view the exquisitely rugged coastline, pastel villages and truly sensational views of this part of Italy.
  9. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland: Just a little closer to home, in County Clare, Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher make my top ten awe inspiring destinations solely due to their geographical beauty and stunning views that can reach across to Galway Bay, Maun Turk Mountains, the Dingle Peninsula and more on a good day!
  10. Bariloche, Argentina: Back again to further afield in Argentina, Bariloche offers the perfect views and inspiring setting for those who love hiking, skiing and the great outdoors in truly beautiful surroundings.